Love, Life, and Hip Hop According to Amy Luciani

Amy Luciani 

Love, Life, and Trendy Go Based on Amy Luciani

Audio artist Amy Luciani is not any stranger to the camera. Amy Luciani , created in Detroit, MI has been creating dunes for years whether it was her mad material on social media marketing, to her marketing and marketing skills, to her new introduction on Love and Trendy Go Atlanta where she is setting the bar large and setting the history straight. Recently, the bombshell beauty sat down with UPSCALE’s very own Mo Clark for a live Q and A interview at her PopOut Publication cover reveal where she mentioned a few of her social media marketing methods in addition to things that she has had to overcome both professionally and professionally in the industry.

UPSCALE: Amy I’m therefore pleased with you. I’ve an image folks together from in the afternoon, however, you won’t i’d like to share it (laughs)

AMY: That’s cool though because you have been on your own work, and I have been seeing you.

UPSCALE: Congratulations on all of your achievement and being recognized as an industry head first! Would you share some key classes and milestones out of this journey?

AMY: Hmm. It’s therefore weird because I always feel such as the underdog, and I’ve my staff around me, and they produce me feel like it is working. I’m a modest individual, a regular individual, a regular individual, just out here hoping to get income and working. I’m virtually out here like, “Do they see me, do they know I’m out here working”.  I’m hard on myself, and I need to tell myself that I’m that chick. Normally I’m just a usual girl. I’m learning how to recognize another amount of growth.

UPSCALE: Being recognized for both your entrepreneurship and your position as a music artist and press character is impressive. How will you harmony these varied facets of your job?

AMY: Ohhh. It is nearly like exactly the same answer that I gave. I’m in contrast to a braggadocios girl. I’m generally in the setting of how I will get bigger. I’m just a worker. Finding to a different level, the manufacturer is growing. I work, I try this for my family. I’ve 7 nieces and 1 nephew. I just stay there and question GOD how to get bigger. Did you see me get back to the air mattress?

UPSCALE: I did so, and I love that about you, your transparency.

AMY: We must be that. Personally i think like they are getting through it like I’m going through it and I just desire to be that individual to let people realize that I proceed through it too. I caused it to be up in my own mind quite a while before, if you will be considered a lover of mine, you will be considered a lover of mine with the makeup on and with the muffin top because I’m a real person. We are getting bigger.

 UPSCALE: Speaking of planning bigger. You have grossed more than a million dollars in revenue in your first year as a business owner. What methods have you applied to accomplish such exceptional financial achievement?

AMY: My strategy was working. I’ve lots of friends. I appreciate their lifestyle. They live an economic free lifestyle. I do not desire to be the girl that just pop-up like “I produced it”, I just work and just benefit it. Like I said I still not achieve my goal or my dream. I’m still working at it. No body on the market will be able to express that I did not benefit mine. My mother said, I wasn’t planning to be out here humiliating myself. If that you do not know you can do it, you can do it, I did so it. Senior high school diploma, number university amount, but you can do it your own personal way.

UPSCALE: Beyond the lights and cameras, you’ve leveraged your system on social media marketing before you had a team?

AMY:  Really it is my faith. I believe in myself. I’m not in a rush. In the event that you run and you get too fast, you may skip some things. I’ve a religion that says, “If you believe, end wondering why it did not happen&rdquo ;.I live below the educational people. In the event that you see my staff, it is a small team. I’m the calm one because I’m learning from them. It’s only a self-belief. It’s a belief so it does not happen on YOUR time, but it may happen ON time. If you like it to take place on YOUR time, you be ready to accomplish anything to obtain it, but it ain’t your own time yet, decrease, you may want a couple more classes, you may want to re-brand. I believe in the religion I’ve in GOD therefore I’m not in a rush.

UPSCALE: I’m a strong believer that delayed is not denied.

AMY: That’s therefore true and I just distributed a post like that, delayed is not denial. You know what that means.  Lots of times we would like something whenever we hit the doorway and whenever we do not have it, we just place our fingers up. The sole various with people that crash and people that are successful is you should keep going.

UPSCALE: The “WTGA” Cypher is known for celebrating diversity in hip-hop. What inspired you to produce this kind of amazing movement, and what influence can you hope it has on the?

AMY: I thought of the Cypher when I was about to quit on the musical part of my life. The reason that I was planning to quit because I was working so hard and the demand that they were creating from me was weird. It is so hard for a woman who would like to be in the industry. Especially when you’re not seeking to accomplish specific things. So, I did so that for the girls that are unsigned and are on the work and they’re ready to hold back only a little longer. I’m planning to but one other girls on. If I’m planning to preach not being truly a hater, not being truly a gatekeeper, I acquired to begin somewhere. We’re putting each other on all year.

UPSCALE: Let us be obvious, it does not subject what industry that individuals are in. We must achieve back off and get each other.

AMY: Proper, I need to get one other girls too.

UPSCALE: Many thanks therefore significantly for interviewing with us. I’m therefore pleased with you.

We’re therefore stoked up about Amy Luciani hitting straight back and helping the girls. We love to see it. It’s that form of guidance and support that produce most of the difference in using your passions or giving up on your dreams. The option is yours. Are you going to be victorious, or do you want to accept defeat? Don’t overlook to talk about your achievement experiences and ensure that you follow UPSCALE and Amy Luciani.

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