A Technical SEO Company: Why Your Business Needs One Now More Than Ever

technical SEO

In an ever-digitizing world, standing out online is becoming increasingly essential But ranking on search engines isn’t as simple as repeating a tried and tested methodology. Algorithms evolve day by day, which is why being informed of their updates is a service in and of itself. A business that offers this service, in addition to crafting content that reflects evolving algorithmic changes, is called a technical SEO company. With 75% of internet users not searching past the first page of results, it pays to make use of a business like this.

There are some practices that you must do well to succeed in 2022. This includes having a great-looking website with quality content and ensuring that content is completely optimized for search engines. A technical SEO company can help perfect this. 

What Does a Technical SEO Company Do? 

Search engines use “spiders” that crawl websites. If you imagine the internet as one gigantic web, then Google releases spiders to crawl over those webs, picking up anything new and understanding the intricacies of each website. The more technical characteristics the website showcases and follows, the better it is for its ranking. 

A technical SEO company understands the characteristics that these spiders are looking for. It takes a lot of work to ensure that search engine rules are followed. Any SEO content development will include a checklist of items to improve your website. We’ll explore some of the items on the list that technical SEO services follow to better index your website. 

Secure Website

Google wants to give its users safe and reliable websites to look at. They also want their users to have peace of mind knowing that what ranks highly on their platform can be trusted. As a result, search engines require all websites wanting to rank to have an SSL certificate.

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is a piece of technology that ensures an encrypted link between an internet browser and a server. Technical SEO services will ensure that your website has an SSL certificate and is secure. 

Quick Response

There are so many different devices out there today. People browse the internet and use apps on desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and more than ever on mobile devices such as smartphones. With the different usage of devices comes a necessity for resizing websites to match different screens. The user experience of a website, when viewed on a desktop computer, is very different from that on a mobile device. A desktop view is landscape-orientated and allows for more detail. But a smartphone needs to be portrait-orientated. It would be with less detail and more space between clickable areas. 

Technical SEO services develop websites so that they adjust according to the device being used and so that they are easy to navigate and read. Google’s algorithm will bump up the ranking of a website when developers build a website with a “mobile-first” approach. 

Users and Google Love a Speedy Website

Think about it. Do you hang around when a website takes a long time to load? How long would you wait for a site to load before giving up and choosing another result? 

Most users wouldn’t wait past the 10-second mark. Technical SEO services know this, and so does Google. This is why website loading speed factors into their ranking algorithm.

Your technical SEO company will use several methods to speed up your site. This includes:

  • Using fast hosting providers.
  • Having a reliable DNS (domain name system) provider.
  • Keeping plugins to a minimum.
  • Optimizing CSS stylesheets.
  • Reducing image sizes without compromising quality.
  • Reducing the amount of site code.

If any of this seems complicated to you, don’t fret. This is exactly what a technical SEO company is trained to do. They’ll take care of the back-end development so that you can sell your product or service with a superb website and no stress about the technicalities. 

Content Is Still King When It Comes to Search Engine Optimisation

The most important role undertaken by technical SEO services is to create great content and fix duplicate copy issues. Google recognizes that duplicate content can be confusing for internet users. If something is confusing for a user, Google also considers it confusing. Your website is then penalized. 

In the past, many sites would plagiarise others in a bid to gain more traffic. Google recognizes this and dismisses duplicate content. SEO content writing services play a unique role in your website development in that they will create unique copy for your site. This gives your brand peace of mind knowing that your copy won’t be penalised and is recognised by customers as authentic. 

An agency will work to prevent your website from publishing multiple versions of a page. This sounds like something that shouldn’t happen. But it could take something as simple as a “print-friendly” version of your site to be recognized unfairly as duplicate content. Technical SEO services can help your website avoid this so that nothing compromises your ranking. 

It’s All About Getting the Best Ranking

Search engine optimization is fundamental to digital marketing. Your consumers can’t purchase from you or learn more about your brand if they can’t find you. So by using the technical expertise we mentioned above combined with SEO content writing services, you’ll gain the visibility that your brand needs to succeed.

Great SEO content development will drive website traffic to your website. The benefits you’ll enjoy from using an SEO content writing service will reap more value and trust than a paid campaign. It will deliver long-term results that your brand needs to keep being found online. 

Consult with a reputable technical SEO company such as Goodman Lantern, and you can expect to see your business rank higher. Allow consumers to find you in local searches, build trust, and get better ROI with a weeklymaze.com


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